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Developing confidence and sharp reflexes through rewarding practice. 

Fearless Ladies in a Sanda (Sanshou) competition.
United States Wushu Academy Students take two medals at Sanda competition.
Sanda (Sanshou) teammates and coaches smile for the camera.
David Sanda Photo - Short 2
Sanda (Sanshou) Students and Coaches smiling after a workout

Sharp Reflexes

Calm Under Pressure

Trusted Friendships

Sanda helps prepare you for life by honing your reflexes and split-second strategic thinking during confrontation. 

Time Tested Combat Knowledge

Sanda applies time tested combat knowledge to create physical & strategic reflexes for dealing with confrontation. You learn to confront the unexpected threat by honing your reflexes and split-second strategic thinking.


Training also provides new ways to connect with, and build new levels of trust with family or friends - even online!  Recruit family or friends to catch your punches' and kicks  (while holding pads!).  

Sign up for 2 months to see what it's all about and how we teach.  Then decide if this is right for you.

Steps to Start Sanda Training

Check the Schedule

Sign up for two-month try-out classes.

Provide COVID 19 vaccination proof before your first class at the USWA Gym.

What Our Students Say

USWA [has] made me a better martial artist, and better equipped me to handle challenges off of the mat..."

Adam C, 

Fairfax, VA

Coach Pei.jpg
Our Philosophy

We are committed to support

and to challenge each other

for our mutual growth.

Learning Peace with Sanda

The primary goal of Sanda is to polish one’s ability to apply martial knowledge intelligently to neutralize conflicts with others. The Latin phrase “Si vis pacem, para bellum” says it well: “If you want peace, prepare for war”.


Body conditioning is a core element of the training.  When you are both physically and mentally strong, you are less likely to be a target for conflict.


The practice of Sanda drills one to use minimal effort to gain maximum result. Each physical movement is logically studied, analyzed, and executed until the body and mind become one and respond as one.

Christopher Pei


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