US Challenge Seminar with Masters Registration

Professor Spencer Gee

Professor Gee will teach time proven traditional martial arts with modern innovative strength training; you will rejuvenate and empower every muscle and bone while sharpening your reflexes, fine-tuning your memory and improving your balance. This seminar is also very useful for adults of any age seeking to age with, or restore, vitality.

Master Chen Sitan

Master Chen’s seminar will focus on the details of the 42-competiton routines. Participants of all ages are welcome, but it is recommended that students have already studied and are familiar with the 42-competition routine.  Master Chen will work with students on details that will improve their performances while providing a deeper understanding of the routine itself. 

This event requires all participants to show proof of vaccination.

Grand Master Bai Wenxiang  

The Grand Master will teach two seminars in Traditional Yang Style Taiji.  These seminars are recommended for participants who have already learned the routine to benefit from his teaching.

On Saturday, October 1st, he will teach 85 postures Traditional Yang Taiji from the Fu Zhongwen 傅钟文 lineage.

On Sunday, October 2nd , he will teach the 51 postures Traditional Yang Style Taiji Sword from the Zhao Youbin 赵幼斌 lineage.

Grand Master Hoy Lee

In this seminar, Grand Master Hoy Lee will expand your understanding and practice of Southern-style Kung Fu by teaching you how to apply its most practical short and long techniques as well as the dynamic power of the striking force.

Registration and Payment

Select one Master:
Professor Gee, Master Chen,
Grand Master Bai, or Grand Master Lee

The Sunday Session can be chosen independently,
but is a continuation of the Saturday session