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How to Improve Your Wushu Competition Score

How to Improve Your Wushu Competition Score.


Since 1985, when the first International Wushu Invitational Championship was held, Wushu competition rules and regulations have been updated three times (1999, 2005, & 2019). Each update has required more specific details and performance from each athlete.  Having a full understanding of the most recently updated 2019 rules and regulations will ensure your Wushu training is more accurate and efficient.


We have the honor to have three of the most prominent Wushu professionals in the US offer a seminar to help you evaluate your own individual performance.  The purpose of this seminar is to assess your existing routine and optimize it, not to teach new routines. They will correct any current techniques you may have in your routine that would receive deductions and help you to avoid being penalized in future competitions.


This seminar will be extremely valuable for all Wushu athletes and coaches who want to know the details on the current rules, especially if you aspire to attend the US Wushu Team Trials or National Rankings events in the future. 


This seminar is separated into two days of training from 8 AM to 11:30 AM. Attendance at both days is highly recommended.


On Saturday, October 1, the first day of the training, athletes will meet with these professional Wushu judges to discuss goals and highlight issues in your training. We strongly recommend you bring your coach (or your parent) to this meeting so everyone who is involved in your growth has a clear understanding of the plan to achieve your goals.  Coaches (or parents) can attend at no charge. Your routine will be examined, and competition rules explained.


Then you will compete in the afternoon, in either the US Challenge Division or/and the Elite Division.  Please video record your routine to bring with you to the second day’s training. 

Registration to compete in the US Challenge is required.

Register here.


On Sunday, October 2nd, the training will focus on your October 1st competition performance. Bring your competition video for evaluation for the opportunity to receive more corrections and guidance from these three professional Wushu judges. They will explain the reasons why you received the scores and where the deductions were made.


This seminar, where you get instantaneous improvement and understanding of the current Wushu competition rules, is the first seminar of its kind. If you are serious about refining your Wushu skills and polishing your performances, this is a not to be missed opportunity! 


The three Wushu professionals are:


  • Mr. Matt Wong - International Wushu Federation (IWUF) Judges Committee and Vice Chair of the Pan American Wushu Federation Technical Committee, USAWKF Competition and Event Management Committee Chair


  • Mr. Justin Eggert - IWUF certified judge, USAWKF Education and Training Committee Chair



  • Mr. Kevin Law - IWUF certified judge, USAWKF Operations Manager



A coach accompanying an athlete does not need to pay for the seminar.  A coach attending to increase their own knowledge (without a student) is required to pay for the seminar.


Seminar tuition is $170 for both days. Attendance at both days is highly recommended for full instructional benefit.

Registration is now closed.