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Capital City Info Newsletter Highlights USWA Performance and Students

This newsletter describes the performances at the Lunar New Year Celebration at the Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, Maryland on January 22, 2023. USWA’s performance is described at the climax of the show.

Quoting from the article: “Martial arts is undoubtedly the hot spot of this show. The students led by coaches Zhang Guifeng and Pei Kangkai from the American Martial Arts Academy brought you a wonderful martial arts performance. Among them, Ms. Joanne Li (Joanne Li) and Mr. Wang Mingzong (Tony Wang), outstanding members of the U.S. Wushu Team, once represented the U.S. National Wushu Team to participate in the 8th World Youth Wushu Championships held in Indonesia in 2022 and won the championship and runner-up. The performers on January 22, in order of age, showed everyone the basic leg skills, jumping, balance, tumbling and rolling and combination movements, and also performed Tai Chi, swordsmanship, and double swords.”

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