Developing strength and character through rewarding practice. 

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Fan Performance by wushu students from the United States Wushu Academy
Wushu Competitor in low stance - under 12 years of age
Wushu student flying and rotating through the air.
USWA teen Wushu competitor showing focus and skills during sword competition
Young Wushu students smiling for the camera
Tasha from the United States Wushu Academy demonstrates balance, strength and skill in this low stan
United States Wushu Academy students doing back bends.

Wushu helps prepare you for life by teaching you focus, strategic thinking, and attention to detail 

The Timeless Discipline of Wushu

Wushu nurtures your warrior spirit while forging bold character tempered by intellectual curiosity.  Sign up for 2 months to see what it's all about and how we teach.  Then decide if this is right for you.

The training is tough, takes hard work and dedication. Our students believe the rewards are worth it. We believe every student has the potential to build their own unique warrior spirit - whatever form that may take!

Steps to Training Online

Step 1

Coordinate with USWA to get Training Gear 


Step 2

Find a space to train. Set up computer, camera.

Step 3

Click on Zoom Link.

Start Training

Once safe to do so, we will have both in person and virtual class.  


When I step on the carpet, it is serious coaching time, but when we bow out and class has ended, Coach Zhang is like a second mother.


Student since 2011

I never believed my teenage son would start being on time...and now he is! Thank you Coach Pei!


A grateful mom. 

Nothing scares me anymore...not since training with Coach Zhang!

Young Student

The Wushu Character



To Stop.png

to stop






The Main Path - True Path.png

the main path (path of truth)

Walking in small steps.png

walking in small steps

The Essence of Wushu

The English translation for Wushu as “The Art of War” is somewhat misleading.  It does not capture the true essence made evident when we understand the Chinese characters for Wushu.

Our Chinese ancestors put profound thought into making the characters to represent Wushu.


Wu is a combination of two characters, each meaning: to stop and conflicts.

Shu is a combination of three characters, each meaning: people, the main path (path of truth), and walking in a small steps.  

People + walking in small steps means journey

Wushu is a journey, a study of how to stop conflict that requires time, effort, and a commitment to deep learning one step at a time.


Conflicts in our modern world are often more mental than physical. The Wushu student prepares for both, learning self-discipline while forging a solid character, strong body, and strong mind.

Christopher Pei


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