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Chen and Yang Style Programs to

Harmonize Body, Mind and Emotions

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Coach Pei with Elder Student
Coach Pei Demonstrating
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Taiji practice nurtures the body, mind and spirit, building a foundation for thriving in every day life.  

The Balancing Discipline of Taiji

Harmonize your body, mind & emotions to prepare for, and meet life challenges.  Learn to integrate Taiji principles with Traditional Chinese Medicine to optimize your focus, balance and resilience.


Sign up for a 4-week trial program to experience what and how we teach. If it's the right fit, you may then sign up for a Chen or Yang style program. 


Like more detail? Contact us. We would be happy to discuss your goals and priorities.

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Steps to Start Taiji Training

Check the Schedule

For Online Classes

Set up

computer and camera.

For In-Person Classes

Come to our location

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What Our Students Say

I recently ruptured both quadricep tendons (yes...both knees) and did not want to interrupt my training. Coach Pei tailored a program to my needs and injuries... beginning with a swivel chair in virtual classes! 

Fred H.

Brigadier General

United States Army (Ret)

After a day of virtual teaching at the piano, I am more than ready for Coach  Pei’s soothing, calming voice. The virtual Taiji has taken movements I thought I knew to another level.

Giulia G.

Professional Piano Teacher

Vienna, VA

Coach Pei's approach of focusing on one aspect of the movements each class to "polish" student skills is very effective. This combined with his patience, and humor make the class enjoyable.

William B.,


Gaithersburg, VA

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Our Philosophy

We are committed to support

and to challenge each other

for our mutual growth.

The Spiritual Path of Taiji

Taiji is an art that is often misinterpreted in modern society.  The main essence of Taiji is more than just a moving meditation for relaxation. Rather it is a path of study for one to find and build their inner warrior spirit in order to neutralize and solve conflicts.


Taiji practice is based on knowledge gathered from three specific areas: The principle of balancing constant changes in all aspect of life; the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine; and the theory and practice of resolving the evolving challenges we meet physically, mentally, and spiritually everyday.


Taiji training is a long process of growth that one needs to learn in phases to develop clarity of mind along with balanced emotions and strengthened physical ability.

Christopher Pei


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