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Pathway to Tranquility

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Health Qigong Class

Reduce Stress

Balance Emotions

Sharpen Mind

QiDu 气度: Pathway to Tranquility.

The QiDu class uses gentle physical movements and meditative techniques to allow you to clear your mind and decrease stress.


This class is geared toward those who seek to create positive life changes in a warm, nurturing environment with a group of supportive classmates.

Coach Pei selects movements from a lifetime of experience with Wushu, Taiji, Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide a practice that is simple yet deeply effective. Stories drawn from his life experience across three different cultures help students awaken self awareness. Each class offers something the student can apply directly to their life.

Join this class if you could benefit from learning techniques to help you be calm in the moment and build habits that allow you to access inner tranquility and mental clarity in daily life.

Begin Your QiDu Adventure
What Our Students Say

I have seen many physical and mental benefits...At 66... I feel like this will be key to regaining and maintaining physical and mental balance.

Jay F.

Falls Church, VA

 I find the practice  relaxing and invigorating and I carry the effects of the class with me throughout my week.

Caitlin M.

Washington, DC

I have finally found a wellness class that helps me focus and find calm, no matter what is happening around me.


Vancouver Canada

QiDu 气 度

The Essence of QiDu:

Although “Qi” 气 can translate to “vital energy” and “Du”度  to “a measurement of degree”, the combined meaning becomes something quite different and profound: To improve one’s life through incrementally increasing awareness, tolerance and generosity towards ourselves and others.  

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Our Philosophy

We are committed to support

and to challenge each other

for our mutual growth.

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