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Moving meditation helps with stress and isolation during the pandemic. I hope to continue when the pandemic ends, but in the meanwhile it’s so nice to have something calming to break up the day and the awkward, unergonomic postures I find my-self in working remotely. And it’s so nice to see you all every week! Thanks, Shelly!

Lisa I.


I no longer stress about getting back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night.  I do what Coach taught us and I’m asleep within minutes! It is such a relief.

Kathleen C. Canada

QiDu (Essentials)

Essentials leaves me wanting to hug people!

Teresa M.

QiDu (Essentials)

I have been studying Tai Chi for some 17 years and have been with Coach Pei here at USWA for over 4 years. With no disrespect to my previous teachers to whom I am grateful for the training I received and from whom I learned a lot, I can honestly say Coach Pei is the most advanced and skilled teacher I have trained with. I calculate that I have had close to 400 classes with Coach Pei. In each one I have learned something new that has always improved my Tai Chi and often given me fresh perspectives on day to day living.

The Qigong classes here also have measurably improved my health. After a year of Qigong practice my doctor noted a medical condition I had was improving. After two years of practice the condition was resolved and I no longer required medication for it or had to see a specialist twice a year.

My fellow students are always fun to hang with and train with and I look forward to seeing them and Coach Pei at every class. The need to conduct virtual classes due to the corona virus epidemic has not diminished in any way the quality of the classes. Coach Pei has adapted the virtual format to provide an in-depth examination of each movement in our practice, the underlying principles (Essences), the applicable energies, and related breathing that for me has constituted graduate school in Tai Chi.

Edward H., Falls Church, VA


Moving meditation has been a very important part of keeping me healthy and sane during the Covid lockdown and restrictions. I visualize the movements in my head and breathe when I have trouble sleeping – it works usually! I visualize it in the car when I’m driving and I need to calm down.
I am so happy to be learning something new – physically and mentally - in this time and it’s something I look forward to every week!
Susan H.


After a day of virtual teaching at the piano, I am more than ready for Coach  Pei’s soothing, calming voice. The virtual Taiji has taken movements I thought I knew to another level.

Giulia G., Professional Piano Teacher, Vienna, VA


USWA [has] made me a better martial artist, and better equipped me to handle challenges off of the mat...
Adam C.,  Fairfax, VA


I feel so blessed to be able to participate in coach Pei's Taiji/Qigong online class.  It has been so helpful for me in so many ways.  I have a stressful job in healthcare and this class has helped me learn great techniques for releasing stress and getting more centered in my mind and body. Coach Pei is an exceptional teacher of Qigong and Taiji. I love that he really enjoys sharing his wisdom.   I wish I had his class everyday, but he is teaching me how to do that for myself.  His voice is so calming and  when I get stressed or find myself in a hurry, I can hear him telling me "no rush" "let go of the tensions" and I smile to myself and remember!

Colette C., Healthcare, Oklahoma, OK

QiDu (Essentials)

Essentials leaves me feeling happy and able to sleep at night - finally! 

Rozanne D.

QiDu (Essentials)

I feel better and I’m smiling more since joining Essentials.  

Collette C.

QiDu (Essentials)

Coach Pei's approach of focusing on one aspect of the movements each class to "polish" student skills is very effective. This combined with his patience, and humor make the class enjoyable.

William B., CPA, Gaithersburg, VA


Nothing scares me anymore...not since training with Coach Zhang!

A Young Student


I never believed my teenage son would start being on time...and now he is! Thank you Coach Pei!

Chau, A grateful mom. 


I have finally found a wellness class that helps me focus and find calm, no matter what is happening around me.

Kathleen C, Vancouver Canada

QiDu (Essentials)

Wushujia is exceptional!  The depth of instruction and the focus on real-world application is second to none. Coach Pei is a wonderful teacher who makes advanced techniques and concepts readily accessible to anyone eager to learn (regardless of rank).  His openness and willingness to share his knowledge is so refreshing!  

Omid S.


Practicing qigong has positively changed the way I think about the movements and systems of my body. I find the practice simultaneously relaxing and invigorating and I carry the effects of the class with me throughout my week.

Caitlin M.


I was first introduced to Taiji in 2005 when I ruptured my quadricep tendon during a Wushu Kung Fu related event. My instructor encouraged me to consider Taiji as a way to complement my rehabilitation program. I quickly fell in love with Taiji and have been a student and fan for the past 15 years.

During my Taiji journey, I have had the privilege to study at several different schools in the United States. I can honestly say that the program at USWA is simply the best. Coach Pei is an awesome teacher who truly cares about the growth of each individual in his program.
[In this school,] Coach Pei is not concerned about quantity, but instead focuses on quality. When I recently ruptured both quadricep tendons (yes…both knees) during a freak accident while doing yard work, I immediately reached out to Coach Pei because I knew that my recovery and well-being over the next several months had to be grounded in the principles of Taiji. Prior to my injury, I was very active with my Taiji program at USWA and I did not want my injury to influence my pursuit for Taiji excellence. In Taiji you learn to adapt to conditions presented by your environment. So, I reached out to Coach Pei to establish a program tailored to my specific needs due to my injuries. I currently take virtual classes using my swivel chair and I am grateful that I have my USWC family to encourage and motivate me during my recovery process.  

 Fred H.,  Brigadier General, United States Army (Ret)


The quality of these online classes carry over surprisingly well from the in person classes.  The value of Taiji for increasing flexibility and balance are maintained, and the value of Taiji for increasing focus is enhanced.  The commute to class is much more convenient, also.

Sally M., Arlington VA 


This class of Taiji [is] very very helpful. I become more relaxed, happy, I smile more, I appreciate things. I love the movement because it's soft, it's very elegant and it's slow it's wonderful that I'm taking this class thanks to my friend Teresa. She told me about this class with our coach Cristofer. He is wonderful very patient positive and very calm.  I love it and I now something is changing in me. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn Taiji and become a better person,  focus, appreciate, and let it go. 

Rosanna C.

QiDu (Essentials)

I have seen many physical and mental benefits...At 66... I feel like this will be key to regaining and maintaining physical and mental balance.

Jay F., Falls Church, VA

QiDu (Essentials)

The one silver lining to Covid 19 - I can now take Online Courses from Coach Pei. Since moving back to Vancouver Canada, I have missed that feeling of clam and energy I get from his classes.

Janice C., Vancouver, Canada


I have long wanted to learn a practice like Qi Gong and I was so pleased to have this opportunity with our teacher Shelly Uhlir.  It is such a calming activity and I thoroughly enjoy learning more each week about the philosophy behind the discipline and also how to practice it effectively. 

Risa A.


When I step on the carpet, it is serious coaching time, but when we bow out and class has ended, Coach Zhang is like a second mother.
Tasha, Student since 2011


Essentials restores my calm.

Carmen L.

QiDu (Essentials)

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