US Challenge 

Hosted by the United States Wushu Academy

Peformance - US Challenge
Group Youth PIcture - US Challenge
Special Guests - US Challenge WB SZ with
Minister Xu Xueyuan

Forge Character

Discover Your Strength

Build Lifelong Friendships

Open to Kungfu, Wushu or Taiji for anyone that has never competed before.

Open to Kungfu*, Wushu and Taiji*.

Judged by North American Standards.

Elite Division

Open to Wushu.

Judged by International Wushu Standards. 

Challenge Division

First Timer Division

*Styles: Northern Style Kungfu, Southern Style Kungfu, Chen Style Taiji, Yang StyleTaiji, Other Taiji Styles

Reserve the Date: October 1-2, 2022

Being On Time!

All competitors in The US Challenge have one thing in common - they tell us this is a very well organized, professional event.


We are happy to surprise our attendees by scheduling each event down to the minute - and actually starting and ending on time! No more missed lunches for judges. No more hurry-up-and-wait anxiety for participants. No back-to-back events for individuals.


We are committed to making all our future events just like this one, a courteous, professional competition where everyone can test their skills while enjoying the event and time with friends.


Medal Inscriptions - Division Spirit  

First Timer

A thousand mile journey begins with a single step

Challenge Division

Quest for Excellence

Excellence is not an act but a habit

Elite Division

True Grit is passion and perseverance

to build strength of character

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