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 Simplified 24 Form Celebration 
Group of people doing single whip

Simplified 24 is one of the most popular Tai Chi routines in the world. Many Tai Chi enthusiasts enjoy the practice but not the competition.  We wish to bring all Tai Chi practitioners and competitors together to do a group Simplified 24 routine at the beginning of August 11th event, and to let Tai Chi enthusiasts get a feel for what Tai Chi competition is about.

By registering for this Group Simplified 24 Celebration and purchasing a souvenir US Challenge T-Shirt, you will get free day pass to watch the Internal Styles competition.


For competitors, you will get the souvenir US Challenge T-Shirt when you register. We hope you will to join the celebration. Select the Group Simplified 24 Celebration on the registration form.

Registration for both the Group Simplified 24 Celebration and/or competition ends on June 30, 2024.

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