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US Challenge Information 
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What is the US Challenge

The US Challenge is a competitive and educational event first held in 1988 to foster a challenging but friendly environment to refine skills and expand knowledge of Chinese martial arts. It is hosted by the United States Wushu Academy (USWA) and supported by the Center for Cultural Exchange (CCE) and the United States Health Qigong Association (USHQA).

The United States Wushu Academy was established in 1988, and it is one of the oldest Wushu and Chinese culture educational institutions in the United States. 


The Center for Cultural Exchange and the United States Health Qigong Association are non-profit organizations that work together with the United States Wushu Academy to cultivate increased mutual understanding between cultures.

For the past 36 years, we have worked diligently to promote Chinese and American cultural exchange.  We believe that respect and friendship can only come from understanding each other, and friendship is always bonded best with shared interests and experiences.

The spirit of the United States Challenge is to inspire each participant to do their best and to be their best in a friendly but challenging competition setting. We aim to create an atmosphere of respect and encouragement as we cheer our fellow athletes to improve and refine their skills. We appreciate and congratulate best efforts but remain humble when receiving praise. We inspire each other and create lasting friendships through our practice and lifelong study of Wushu, Kung Fu, Taiji and Qigong.

A noble man once said: “Excellence is not an act but a habit.”  We become the words and actions we choose to say and do.

With great honor and respect, we welcome you to the United States Challenge!

What is US Challege
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