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US Challenge Information 

1. May I use music for my competition event(s)?

Yes. Music is optional. You may use music with your competition events in the First Timer Division and all the Challenge Divisions - Kung Fu, Taiji and Wushu.

2. Why is the competition split over 2 days?

Splitting the competition over 2 days is so that the competitors will have a less stressful experience by allowing time for enjoying the area attractions or attending the seminars with masters.

3. May I video or photograph my competition events, or do I need a permit to do this? 

You don’t need a permit to video or photograph your own performance. If you have a good video or photograph of yourself, we kindly ask that you share it with us for future publications.

4. If I check in early, may I warm up in the Gym?

Yes, please do check in early. You may use the gym in the designated area for warm up.  If there are seminars going on in the gym, we ask you to respect the masters classes, and keep the warm up noise down.

5. What time do you expect to finish the competition in each day?

We will use the space according to the number of competitors and plan to finish by 6 PM so everyone can have a nice dinner.

6. If I buy a spectator ticket for $15, may I watch both days of competition?

The spectator ticket is only good for one day.

8.  I submitted my registration form, and have not paid yet. Where do I submit payment?

The payment link is at US Challenge Payment

9.  I have not competed previously, may I register for the Challenge Division or must I register for the First Timer Division?

You may register for either.

The First Timer Division is for novice participants who have never competed before and would like to perform their routine skills in front of a panel of judges to get a score and receive competition environment experience.

The Challenge Division is for participants who would like to present their skills and also compete against others.

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