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United States Health Qigong Association

A non-profit established to help people nurture their energy, physical health and mental wellbeing through the ancient health practice of Qigong. 

Our Belief

To live life fully, to love and to share.


Coach Christopher Pei established the US Health Qigong Association as a 501(c) non-profit to give back to the community while helping people discover Qigong's many benefits. 


Through the USHQA, Coach Pei volunteers his time and expertise to the USHQA, teaching Qigong seminars and and classes to the public at large.  Program fees are reinvested in the community and promotion of Health Qigong.  

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Coach Pei also volunteers his time to offer more in-depth teacher training which the students apply to their own practice while learning how to share their knowledge with others.  

In these Doashi (teacher) training programs, Coach Pei shares insights from a lifetime teaching the numerous Wushu arts and Qigong.   


Wu Qin Xi (Five Animals)​ 五禽戏

Dao (导) in Chinese has the meaning of: to guide, lead, conduct, transmit, teach, give guidance and instruct..


To learn and to become a Qigong teacher, Coach Pei always says the most important attributes for all future Qigong teachers is to have a loving heart and a desire to share one's knowledge. 

Doashi training provides more in-depth training which the student applies to their own practice while learning how to share their knowledge with others. 

Teacher Training Class 

CLASSES:     Twelve (12) 2-hour classes

LOCATION:  via Zoom on Sundays

TIME:             10-12 AM ET

DATES:          Jan 16 to May 1 2022

TUITION:      $800

Registration Closed. Class now complete. 

If you would like to learn more about future Qigong teacher training, please email


2022 Qigong Daoshi Training

Certified Doashi
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The essence of life is in the constant refinement of one's spiritual self

 - Christopher Pei

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