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USWA Rank Testing

2024 In Person Test Dates

Jan 21 

Feb 18 

Mar 31 

Apr 21 

May 19

Jun 16

Jul 21


Sep 15

Oct 20

Nov 17

Dec 15

Pre-Testing Rules

  1. Check in with the testing official at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.

  2. Rank Advancement Request Form has been approved and completed seven (7) days before test date.

  3. Tardy students WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to test and will be rescheduled for the next month.

  4. Proper grooming and full complete clean USWA uniform, rank belt and shoes are required to take the test.

  5. Students are responsible for their own warm-up and equipment.

February 18, 2024 

6:00 PM


Preston Duan    Basic Staff

March 31, 2024 

4:00 PM



Wushu Basic

Kate Wang

Dimitry Smirnov

Alisa Burton

Evan Hou

Chloe Liao


Wushu Individual Routine

Kate Wang Basic Changquan

Dimitry Smirnov Basic Changquan

Evan Hou Basic Changquan

Chloe Liao Basic Changquan

Kate Wang Basic Staff

Dimitry Smirnov Basic Staff

Samuel Brown Basic Staff

Alisa Burton Basic Staff

Kate Wang Basic Broadsword

Dimitry Smirnov Basic Sword



New Rank Ceremony

April 21, 2024 

6 PM    

Wushu Basic
       Samuel Brown
       Alice Pao
       Leia Pao

 Yang Taiji
       Sergey Shulenin    Competition Yang Style 40


Wushu Routine
       Alice Pao         Basic Form
       Leia Pao           Basic Form
       Samuel Brown Basic Staff


 Yang Taiji
       Sergey Shulenin    Two-Men Fighting Set with Oleg Gershunskiy assisting

  New Rank Belt Ceremony

Rank Test Gallery

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