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Traditional Arts
for a Modern World 

Virtual Live Classes and In-Person Instruction 

Wushu - Wushujia - Taiji - Health Qigong - QiDu - Padded Weapons

Coach Pei with Elder Student
Wushu Sword Competition
Wushu Performance at Kennedy Center
Sanda Competition
Qigong Wellness Class






US Challenge 
August 10 - 11, 2024 

US Challenge Logo

Registration is now CLOSED

"Quest for Excellence".  An international championship in Wushu, Kung Fu, Padded Weapons Sparring, Taiji and Other Internal Styles which will be held on August 10th and 11th, 2024 in Lanham, MD. 


It can be hard...

 Elite Wushu Camp
July 28 - August 10, 2024 


Registration Now Closed for Elite Wushu Camp

This camp is open to all levels of Wushu practitioners!
All skill levels are welcome and will benefit from this intensive training. This camp is also appropriate for those who are just beginning their Wushu journey and wish to start out with a good foundation.


Challenge yourself to develop strength, resilience and a warrior spirit tempered with intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.

Advanced Wushu student leaps high in the air as the young students look up in awe!


Integrate gentle physical movements with meditative techniques to clear your mind and decrease stress.


Health Qigong  

Nurture mental clarity and physical wellbeing through the practice of guiding Qi energy with the mind and physical movements.  

Health Qigong students practice their moves during in person class


Integrate principles of philosophy and traditional medicine with practical applications to harmonize the body, mind and emotions.

Taiji Coach Cynthia Simmons poses for Tiger Claw Magazine Cover Page


Become a Wushujia with the lifelong Wushu practice of building harmony and strength of mind and body. Bring out your Warrior Spirit!


Padded Weapons Sparring

Padded Weapons helps prepare you for life by honing your reflexes with split-second strategic thinking during confrontation. 


Life skills to reduce stress and cultivate focus for health and wellness.

QiDu Program registration now open!


Join our next class! 

QiDu 气度: Pathway to Tranquility.  

The QiDu class uses gentle physical movements and meditative techniques to allow you to clear your mind and decrease stress.


Student Comments:     

Collette C. 

I feel better and I’m smiling more since joining the class.

Kathleen C.

This class helps me focus and find calm, no matter what is happening around me.

Sharpen Mind

Calm Emotions

Build Resilience

'We are committed to support and

to challenge each other for our mutual growth.'

- USWA Student Creed      

'The essence of life is in the constant refinement of ones spiritual self.'

Christopher Pei  


Adapting and Growing Together

COVID19 has changed and forced us to live in a new normal.  This change also gives us a new opportunity to review and to improve ourselves.


Meeting friends and socializing was one of our joys in life but with the current pandemic, we lost these personal interactions with our friends and loved ones.  We all want these interactions to maintain our mental health.  

When we support each other, we can overcome difficulties. When we adapt to the changes, we thrive.

I have faith that we will succeed and be stronger together.


Christopher Pei


Coach Christopher Pei, co-founder of the United States Wushu Academy
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