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Coach Pei with Elder Student
Wushu Sword Competition
Wushu Performance at Kennedy Center
Sanda Competition
Qigong Wellness Class






Life skills to reduce stress and cultivate focus for health and wellness.

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Discover a unique blend of Taiji and Qigong fundamentals proven to lower stress and increase the ability to focus. 

Class size kept small to ensure a personal learning experience.  


Student Comments:     

Rozanne D.  

Essentials leaves me feeling happy and able to sleep at night - finally!

Collette C. 

I feel better and I’m smiling more since joining Essentials.

Carmen L.  

Essentials restores my calm.

Teresa M.

Essentials leaves me wanting to hug people!

Kathleen C.

Essentials helps me focus and find calm, no matter what is happening around me.

It can be hard...

Sharpen Mind

Calm Emotions

Build Resilience

'We are committed to support and

to challenge each other for our mutual growth.'

- USWA Student Creed      

US Challenge
Postponed to October 1 - 2, 2022 

US Challenge competition medals - Gold, Bronze and Silver

"Quest for Excellence".   An international championship in Wushu & Taiji.  Forming new bonds & friendships with your challengers.

'The essence of life is in the constant refinement of ones spiritual self.'

Christopher Pei  


Adapting and Growing Together

COVID19 has changed and forced us to live in a new normal.  This change also gives us a new opportunity to review and to improve ourselves.


Meeting friends and socializing was one of our joys in life but with the current pandemic, we lost these personal interactions with our friends and loved ones.  We all want these interactions to maintain our mental health.  

When we support each other, we can overcome difficulties. When we adapt to the changes, we thrive.

I have faith that we will succeed and be stronger together.


Christopher Pei


Coach Christopher Pei, co-founder of the United States Wushu Academy