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Why We Train

Wushu training is not about winning over the others in combat, rather we train to improve our character and our Warrior Spirit through the repeated application of the principles of the art.

We train to overcome our deficiencies, our negative emotions and strive to improve our character through consistent and rigorous practice allowing us to apply the principle of Yin and Yang to balance our daily life.

Wushu is not about winning in competitions, it is a journey to achieve one’s self-improvement, and learn to respect yourself and others.

Each one of us has our own “Wushu” training; I just happened to choose Wushu for my character development. Your “Wushu” training could be in music like playing a piano, gardening to keep a well cared for garden, or learning to cook for your loved ones. Whatever your “Wushu” training is, you seek to work out your best for a balanced life.

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