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Points of Reference

If we don’t have points of reference, it’s easy to get lost. We have to know where we’ve been in order to plan where we’re going. Without the past, we cannot see where the future is going to be because there is no comparison.

Once we have a comparison we can decide whether we want to change or not to change. If there is no need to change, we will not alter our course. If there is an unexpected difference, we need to try to look for the good things that we can bring out in the change.

We regulate ourselves through breathing and we also control our bodies through the calming of the emotions. But most importantly, we aim to have the mind clear. Then regulating the breathing is possible and loosening of the body is possible. When we begin practice, we breathe three times. You have done this so many times by now and every time you do it the feeling of inner calm should get stronger than before.

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