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The practice of Taiji and Qigong improves physical and mental health. Learning how to feel tranquil – a state of mind free from agitation, emotional or mental disturbance - is the deepest level of these arts.

When a person achieves this peace of mind, others can feel it and see it in their physical movements as demonstrated in this story and dance I am sharing with you.

The Story: A dance teacher was so touched by a painting she saw from Song Dynasty, she decided to read more about the story behind the painting and the painter’s background. From this painting’s inspiration, she created this dance which was performed at the 2022 Chinese Spring Festival Gala on TV. Everyone loved this dance.

To convey the true feeling of tranquility seen in the painting, all the dancers were required to practice meditation for 3 months to quiet their minds and emotions. After this, they had 6 months of physical training, learning to put their bodies in a bent position without agitation. Throughout this dance, you will see the dancers arch their bodies back ninety degrees in calm, controlled movement. I understand this dance teacher’s motive. When feeling tranquil, we have better concentration, a greater sense of inner strength and power, more patience, more tolerance, and a sense of inner happiness and bliss. Please watch and enjoy this moment of tranquility.

A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountainsuse of green and blue colors of Tang for creating of huge landscapes.
A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains

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