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The Warrior Spirit

The Warrior Spirit comes up when a person has trained in martial arts and has reached a level where their attitude, posture, body language, eyes, mind and intent have transformed into something different - something beyond the average person.

In the presence of one who has the Warrior Spirit,

the ordinary person will feel a difference.

The stronger spirited one could easily overcome the weaker spirited person just by a look but this is not the mean spirited look of popular films.

The stronger spirited one will lead the weaker one

who will follow without hesitation, in trust.

The Warrior Spirit is compassionate. It is impeccable.

The Warrior Spirit cannot be acted. It happens naturally. It is not forced.

Each one of us has the Warrior Spirit, but it is hidden.

We need to explore and reach into our deepest self to find it.

When a person has this spirit, it shows. To others it is indescribable.

They simply feel this person is different from others.

When you begin to understand this Spirit,

you will be able to see the others who have it.

The Warrior Spirit is calm.

Facing danger without giving the opponent the feeling of fear,

its calmness is not disturbed under pressure.

The principle of ‘movement within stillness and stillness within movement’ is

the training of the Warrior Spirit.


Christopher Pei, 1998

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