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Continuity Level Three: No Pattern, No Set Technique

The first level of Continuity is where you have a set technique and a set pattern of movement.

The second level is to have a set technique but with no pattern.

The third level is to have no pattern and no set technique. Using all the knowledge that we have, we can choose a technique to get ourselves out of a situation. Once we get out of that problem, we can go back to working on the next technique.

The Art of War and the Taiji Principles are all about dealing with change. The only thing that is constant is change. You might have to do something different to get back to normal or to get back to the way that you wanted to do things. This is in your mindset. Your goal today might be to practice Brush and Push. But now you might find yourself in a bind, so your mind draws on the other things that you know to help you get out of it. Once you’re back on track, you can return to your intended practice.

Life is very tough right now. We might have to do some things differently than we’d like, but our goal is to get ourselves back on track. That’s our goal. I wanted to share this idea of Continuity with you today. Don’t step back. Try to figure it out. Take your time. There is no time limit for self-improvement; we improve ourselves a little bit every day. Every change we make changes us over time. Don’t rush. We must be patient with ourselves.

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