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Continuity: The Only Thing That is Constant is Change

Many times, you have heard me say that Qi is like water. Water flows where there is the least resistance. The reason why the Daoists treat water as a holy symbol is because water does not distinguish between rich and poor or good and evil. It treats everyone and everything equally.

Water benefits all the things on earth equally without discrimination. When we use water correctly, everything grows and is nourished. However, if there is too much of it, everything could drown.

When we practice, our main goal is to move Qi. When Qi moves, the body flourishes. But if you try to force it, saying, “I’ve got to have more Qi”, then you lose the whole purpose of why you are doing this. It’s like when you plant a tree. If you give it enough water, the plant will grow. However, if you say, “Since trees need water, I will continuously give it water without stopping”, then the water will likely kill the plant because the water was not used appropriately. The water was not used in a balanced way.

When we practice, the first thing that controls our movement is the mind. My teaching for you is always: Mind moves, Qi moves, body moves. So Qi is an energy that helps fill the gap between the mind and the body. Use it properly then both mind and body will benefit.

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