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Do I want to come to class today?

It is the first Saturday in November, and it is 35℉ when it is time to go to the bus stop for class. It is too cold this early in the season. I ask myself if I should do the online class instead.

I decided to come to class. It was a good class, including the opportunity to be around and learn from other people, see details, and take advantage of the space and the mirrors. Virtual classes are also valuable for focus on individual practice, less distractions, and convenience.

For me, to avoid chaos, it is important to keep to a defined schedule and not ask myself if I am coming to class every class. To quote Annie Dillard, “A schedule defends from chaos and whim”. While I might miss class for other commitments to family or community, or for illness or injury, if I think too much for each class, and don’t follow the schedule, I will talk myself out of coming to class.

I have made a commitment to myself to study Taiji, and adhering to the schedule is one of the ways I maintain the habit through consistency. I continue to make progress towards my goal by committing to a consistent schedule.

It is Saturday, so by my defined pattern, I went to class at the school. Later after class and some more practice it is just above 50℉ and I am glad I came to in person class without stopping to analyze whether or not to come to class.

Sally Mahoney

Yang Style Taiji Student

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