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Continuity Level One: What Do You See?

Here is another story about archery. A teacher is teaching his pupil how to shoot. The teacher points to a tree and says, “What do you see?” The pupil says, “I see a tree”.

The teacher says, “Focus your mind. Keep looking. You’re not ready yet.” After a few minutes, the teacher asks, “What do you see now?” The pupil says, “I see a branch”. Teacher says, “Not ready yet. Focus”. After a few more minutes, he asks again “What do you see?”

The student says, “I see that one leaf”. And the teacher says; “Now you are ready to shoot”.

The attention needs to go from a very general and broad area to a very focused and pinpointed target.

When we do continuity drills, your mind is not focused on doing the whole form. That’s seeing the whole tree. We are not doing the whole section. That would be looking at the branch. For this exercise, you are only looking at one leaf. You think of nothing else but these few moves.

When you do these moves in a set pattern, it makes your mind not worry about where you are going to go. That’s the most basic exercise for you to train yourself in - continuity. This is level one. It helps to train you to focus.

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